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Eddy Wellness


M. Renee Eddy Eddy Wellness is a multi-service healthcare group that works with adolescents and adults that need help to overcome an array of obstacles such as trauma, adjustment difficulties, depression, and anxiety among other challenges to mental wellbeing.

Eddy Wellness grew from a signular health-care provider to passionate and inspiring group practice. The providers are forward thinking healthcare workers that utilize Reiki and EMDR into their sessions.

Eddy Wellness  is a real client


Branding, Web Design & Implementation,  Print

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Eddy Wellness' logo represents traditional and

non-traditional ideals. The elements of this logo describe visually the ability to heal others, especially with the use of hands during Reiki, and to help guide them to growth over their current issues. The lotus flower represents the

idea of growth. 


Not only will this speak for the business now as a small practice, it will hold up to time as they grow into a multi-employee practice. This concept, with the hands and lotus flower, is something that will be very unique to Eddy Wellness and the future expanded practice.

eddy wellness logo board-13.png


Eddy Wellness' color palette represents providers as a welcoming, knowledgeable, tranquil, secure, and trusting. 

Eddy,Renee_Final Working Files0_Brand St


Typography matches the logos with serif and san-serif typefaces that represent the traditional and non-traditional techniques Eddy Wellness has to offer. 

eddy wellness typography-14.jpg
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