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Gillian Mattern


Gillian Mattern is a brand consultant and photographer working with local entrepreneurs and small businesses in South-East Connecticut and beyond. Gillian Mattern assists by providing insight, skills, and support so new business owners can take control of their presence on social media. She helps builds brands with cohesive and unique

brand narratives.

Gillian  had come to me to help design her website and build her brand by crafting a logo that embodies her retro and free-spirited soul.

Gillian Mattern is a real client


Branding, Web Design

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Gillian’s Main Logo represents her fun and whimsical personality. Using a serif font in combination with a san-serif font shows her ability to handle a wide range of clients from sophisticated to playful. The floral elements of her logo ties her fun and exploratory side to her serious and growing business.

Her brand mark was made to be fun and sophisticated. The elements of the logo with the combination of the serif initials is inspired by traditional tattoos, sophisticated news paper fonts, and retro grandma collage aesthetics.



Colors are inspired by how Gillian feels, including some of her favorite colors and combinations. The idea behind the color combinations is feeling and personality, which directly relates to Gill's photography style.



Typography matches the Logos with serif and san-serif typefaces that represent her sophisticated and playful brand image.

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