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Kayla Gauthier


Kayla Gauthier is a registered LMFT servicing Southern

New England. She specializes in supporting women through any stage of their lives. Kayla came to me asking for a website that would explore the many services she offers to her patients. Working in the office and from the computer, she wanted a site that would be easy to navigate and fun to

look through.  It was important that the website expressed her playful personality, while also keeping a formal and

legit business. 

Kayla Gauthier is a real client


Web Design

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KG Website Layouts Insta-01.png
KG Website Layouts Insta2-05.png


When Kayla came to me looking for assistance on updating her current website, I was working with a color palette that was created by a previous designer. Knowing that Kayla wanted a professional website that attracted a female demographic, I knew her previous color palette needed to be updated to better suite her digital designs. When picking out her colors, I wanted to choose colors that would fit her demographic while not being distracting on a screen. That is why I went with some muted pinks and a dark blue that was calming and inviting.  

Kayla Gauthier Style Guide-11.png
Kayla Gauthier Style Guide-11.png


Understanding Kayla's aesthetic, I wanted to pick type faces that were fun yet professional. I used Adobe Garamond Pro for main headings, Helvetica Neue Thin for subheadings and main body text. Finally, to add some flair to the website,

I used her existing font that was part of her original brand guides Hello Pretty. 

Kayla Gauthier Style Guide-12.png
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