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Lazy Leopard is a local Thai & Sushi restaurant located on the most popular tourist road in New London. Lazy Leopard was in need of a fresh update to their brand identity. Through this project, I designed new logos,  redesigned their print menu, and much more to create a modern identity for Lazy Leopard. With an ever growing city, it is important to have a strong brand with cohesive material in order to have a successful restaurant.

Lazy Leopard is a fictitious project completed for school. Imagery has been sourced from stock sites.


Logo Design, Print, Merchandise, Social Media

Lazy Leopard Menu-03.jpg
2020-06-17 23:11:18 +0000.GIF
2020-06-19 15:46:43 +0000.GIF
Lazy Leopard Business Card3.jpg
LL Apron.jpg
Lazy Leopard Tshirt Mockup4.jpg


When crafting up a new logo idea for Lazy Leopard, I had the task of designing a logo as if it were my own. Without having a client to work with, I made it as though there was someone asking me for specific factors. My fictitious client wanted a fresh update of their existing logo. They wanted to include the leopard, but wanted it to be minimal and modern. Their typeface that was currently being used was outdated and hard to read.


By using this capitalized san-serif font, I was able to create a chic and modern logo for the local Thai and sushi restaurant.



The color palette was drawn from the elements of Thai culture and New London scenery. Sophistication and elegance.

Color Palette


To achieve a balance of modern and fun, I decided to go with a wide san-serif font, Avenir, as a header. Followed by a slim and tall font, Oswald, that would be used for subheadings and body paragraphs. As for special remarks and callouts, Platelet,  would draw attention without being too distracting. This would make Lazy Leopard's typography fun and unique to its brand identity.

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