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Lindsey McKiernan


Lindsey McKiernan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker offering online teletherapy in Connecticut and Virginia. Lindsey McKiernan assists by providing insight, skills, and support so that you can take the steps necessary to enhance your self knowledge, and effectively meet life's challenges.

Lindsey  had come to me to help redesign her website and build her presence in the health-care industry by designing her logo and building her brand.

Lindsey McKiernan  is a real client


Branding, Web Design & Implementation,  Print

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Lindsey McKiernan’s logo represents her therapy style of assisting her clients providing insight, skills, and support so that her clients can take the steps necessary to enhance their self. Serif and San Serif fonts in combination with each other create an equal balance of stability, modern sophistication and inviting design.

The elements of her logo constitute her ability help her clients grow though their current issues.

lindsey logo board-09.png


Lindsey’s colors reflect her imagery on her website and are inspired by her laid-back and calming personality.



Typography includes both a serif and sans serif font using all lowercase to give a sophisticated, yet playful aesthetic.

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